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Valeri-D Company presents products of our own make. They are professional make-up brushes, brushes for cosmetology, nail modeling and design, brush sets and cases. A collection of more than 400 high-quality natural hair brushes made from Siberian squirrel hair, goat hair, Kolinsky sable hair, marten hair, pony hair, raccoon hair and also high-quality nylon. All our brushes are hand-made by experienced brush makers. Brush handles are made of eco-friendly birch wood.

Variety of forms, sizes and kinds of used hair will allow each consumer to choose necessary brushes. Soft and fluffy, smooth and tough, thin and fan … brushes create beauty in hands of the master.

Together with our partners we supply specialists of the beauty industry with professional brushes and we do qualitative brushes accessible to each woman.

We express gratitude to the companies which give the chance to clients from their regions to get our production.

We invite for cooperation professional shops and the educational centers which don’t cooperate with us yet. We’ll help with a choice of initial assortment and provide fast and convenient delivery.

We are proud of our production and hope you’ll highly appreciate variety, quality and functionality of brushes of trade mark "Valeri – D”.


Russia, Novosibirsk
T/F +7 (383) 350-86-71
T/F +7 (383) 350-84-57

Download Calalogue Brushes Valeri-D